How Women’s Empowerment and Blockchain Came Together

How Women’s Empowerment and Blockchain Came Together

By Natasha Jones, Global Women in Blockchain Associate

Women’s empowerment has been on the rise in the last decade – every day, women are taking the power that they were once denied. We are breaking stereotypes and showing how equality is the route we need to go.

How is blockchain involved? Blockchain is the future of women’s economic rise. Which means, an increase in salaries, increase in women making a difference.

Blockchain technology is fairly new and high in demand. As businesses begin to realize the potential of blockchain-based systems, the demand for talent and innovation has grown tremendously. Banks, insurers, government, and many others are beginning to research and develop blockchain-focused products.

The future of blockchain technology looks bright, however, there’s an evident shortage of knowledgeable individuals within the space. Global Women in Blockchain closes gender gaps and by building up a team of blockchain enthusiasts. With the potential use cases of blockchain-based products being particularly vast, so are opportunities for women. Many professionals in the industry hold various roles. Although a technical skill set is the most in demand, it is not a requirement of a blockchain enthusiast. In fact, women in blockchain have taken up various roles – from technical, academic, commercial, regulatory, and public relations.

Many women are unfamiliar with blockchain technology and obtaining technical knowledge on the technology can serve as a challenge, especially when the information is varied and scattered across the internet.

Blockchain provides people in every industry an advantage – keeping personal records, contracts, and payments safe. A business owner or not, these are things that people want to be protected and due to the increase of hacking they are not.

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