Global Women in Blockchain

Our mission is to bring all resources for women under one umbrella to change the world.

Global Women in Blockchain (GWB) is the first international umbrella organization designed to activate and accelerate the powerful partnerships of women to lead in the education, development and promotion of blockchain technologies. Our non-profit group aims to inject much-needed diversity into tech by empowering women through shared business connections and exchanges, association, meet-ups, forums, learning events and more. GWB aspires to have at least one female delegate per country to lead in service of women by fostering an ecosystem of trust, support, inclusion, conscious leadership and socio-economic advancement.

GWB exists to empower women through blockchain technologies by

  • Bringing together, connecting, and promoting all groups that support women and our various causes
  • Organizing and sustaining a community of women dedicated to advancing blockchain and STEM technologies
  • Offering strategic and informed program initiatives and educational resources that foster an inclusive learning environment
  • Creating an atmosphere of collaboration that stimulates and supports innovation within the space

Meet the Global Women in Blockchain!


Nina Nichols

President & Founder, Denver

Chief information Officer, CIO, Decentralized Crypto Exchange and Chief Marketing Officer CMO Fast Access Blockchain

Liza Horowitz

Vice President, Chapter Director, Canada

CEO & Founder Lionshare Media, Advisory Board GWB

Susan Brazer

Executive Director, Los Angeles
Carolina Abenante of NYIAX

Advisor, US, NYC. Co-Founder, Vice Chairperson, NYIAX

Carolina Abenante

Director, New York City
Lana Mcgilvray of Blast

Principal, Blast Public Relations & Marketing. Organizing Committee Member, BowlingforBreastCancer

Lana McGilvray

Director, Austin
Pamela Norton from Borsetta

Diamond Director, Founding Member. CEO/Co-Founder Borsetta. GWB Advisory Board Member, Liberti.

Pamela Norton

Director, Denver
Marina Niforos of UNESCO

NED Board Member, Commissioner to US Nat'l Commission for UNESCO, VP & Board Member World of Blockchains

Marina Niforos

Advisor, Chapter Director, France.

Co-founder of Ildsjel Sea, LLC, principal at Nerthus Consulting LLC, director of the Western States Women’s Collective and the Wyoming Women’s Collective, and entrepreneur.

Barbara Grofe

Advisor, Wyoming
navroop sahdev of MIT

Economist, Boston. UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies. The British Blockchain Association.

Navroop Sahdev

Advisor, Los Angeles
youngsook park of Global Blockchain AI Council

Co-Chair Global Blockchain AI Council & Global ICO Association. Chair of Millennium Project Korea Node

Youngsook Park

Advisor, Korea.
shelly kramer from V3 Broadsuite

Founder of V3 Broadsuite `{`V3B`}`, and the President of Broadsuite Media Group `{`BMG`}`. I'm also a Founder + Principal Analyst at Futurum, a research and analysis company.

Shelly Kramer

Advisor, Kansas City
Maureen Murat of Cogent Law Group

Crowdfunding Advisor; Blockchain Enthusiast; ICO Maven

Maureen Murat


Board Member, Denver. Blockchain & ICO Legal Advisory Group, Nomos Legal.

Yev Muchnik, Esq

Advisor, Denver
Christiana Zoupa of Oceanus Foundation

Christiana Zoupa

Director, Greece. Co-Founder of Oceanus Foundation. Austrian Economics Center.
annie lim of Women Entrepreneurs’s World Network

Founder Woman's Entrepreneurs World Network. Founder L.I.F.E. Children Foundation. Founder Dr Annie Lim International.

Annie Lim

Advisor, Canada
Lindsey Galloway of Rebel AI

Lindsey Galloway

Co-Founder & CMO of Rebel AI, General Assembly AI
larkin reynolds of Rocky Mountain Blockchain Collaborative

Attorney, US, Colorado. Co-founder, Rocky Mountain Blockchain Collaborative; Owner, Foundry Legal, LLC

Larkin Reynolds

Advisor, Denver
Jessica Groupman of Kaleido Insights

Jessica Groopman

Industry Analyst and Founding Partner at Kaleido Insights
Erika Beerbower of IBM Watson Health

Erika Beerbower

Pharmacist, IBM Watson Health, Clinical Content Specialist MedChain, Advisory Board
Maggie Hsu of Fluidity

Maggie Hsu

Asian-American Advocate, GWB. Founder/Publisher AirSWap, Biz Dev
Barbara Jones of Greenberg Taurig LLP

Barbara Jones

Co-Chair, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Task Force, Greenberg Traurig, LLP
2015-06-26-kristen-ragusin-127 (1)

Kristen Ragusin

SVP, Wealth Management Merrill Lynch
Amber Hartley of

Amber Hartley, Chief Corporate Development Officer
LT Ryan

Communication Consultant,

LT Ryan

Advisor, Denver
Marcie Grambeau Headshot (1)

Marcie Grambeau, Communications Director
Lwazi Wali of Pamodzi Group

Lwazi Wali

Chief Investment Officer at Pamodzi Group

Cecile Moulard

Co-Founder & CEO MixR - The Community Engagement Engine for Women-driven Organizations
tatjana-luethi (1)

Tatjana Luethi

Co-Founder, MixR -- The Community Engagement Engine for Women-driven Organizations

Nicole Tay

New York. Blockchain Solutions Architect in Public Health

Manana Samuseva

New York City. Managing Partner, BuroHQ & Blockchain Crypto Media CEO/Founder iLIFT TV and CryptoHQ
Juliet Annerino

Juliet Annerino, Founder

Maja Usico

Slovenia, GWB Delegate
Brooke L. Casselberry

Brooke L. Casselberry, MSRA

Regulatory Affairs Life Sciences, GWB. Founder & Consultant, Cyan Life Sciences

Kelly Collins

Financial Services Professional helping Business Owners and Families in the at Greater Denver Area
Juwon Bahn GWB

Juwon Bahn

Financial & Technology Equality Advocate. MeetUp Denver Women on Chain. UX,UI Designer.
KarenKoogler GWB

Karen Koogler

Blockchain Title Expert, GWB. IBREA, Patron Member. Leading Author/Educator.

Wardah Chaudhary

Leader, Boston. Venture Cofounder at Harvard University. Co-Founder,
Maria Jose Mendez Gallart GWB

Maria Jose Méndez

Valenica Spain, GWB Delegate. Founder of Wisdom Consultoría de Sustentabilidad
Katherine Snow of Cooley LLP

Katherine Snow

Associate at Cooley LLP
Laury Behrens GWB

Laury Anne Behrens

Seville Spain, Delegate. Founder - ILAB Blockchain and Digital Transformation at ILAB. CIO - Quintas Energy

Aja Hardy

Head of Strategic Planning and Partnership Development; Consumer Health Business Development Executive.

Lauren Collins

Officer, Project Manager
Neelima Pic (2)

Neelima Parasker, PMP

Kansas Representative, GWB. SnapIt Solutions Founder.

Colorado Blockchain Organizer

Lisa Ellis

Officer, Director of Public Relations, Denver

Pamela Varma

Partner in boutique IT firm, handling research, marketing, operations, contracts and client/supply partner communications.

Jill Carrigan

Advisor - Color Platform Blockhain

Yesim Saydan

Mentoring at Google’s Launchpad Accelarator; Google’s Women Techmakers organization

COO at Resolution Research

Hayden Geller


Joya Comeaux

WIN Coin empowered Social Impact Marketplace

Tracy DeCicco


Mirta Jarnjak

Chief Marketing Officer, Equidato Technologies AG

Mayra De Luna

President at Pi Sigma Alpha

Laurie Etheridge

Co-Founder of Barnraiser, a digital platform, and social marketplace

Heather Parks

Government Blockchain Association

Mackenzie Lobato

CU Boulder Blockchain Club & Hackathon Representative

Diana ``BlockJane Chain`` Lange

Secretary, Event Manager, Denver
Shalini Kasliwal

Shalini Kasliwal

Bay Area, Visionary. Entrepreneur, Founder of EventJoin.
Keo Frazier 2017

Keo Frazier

Chief Marketing Officer

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