Register Now for the Global Blockchain Summit, April 19-20 in Denver – The World’s Premiere Blockchain Event in Colorado!

Learn about the Latest Blockchain Innovations with Speakers from IBM, Xerox, Dash, Disney’s Dragonchain, IEEE, Hyperledger, NYIAX, Rebel AI, ShapeShift, The Blockchain Research Institute, The Plastic Bank, VMware and Many Other Thought Leaders, and Participate in the Launch of Global Women in Blockchain

This year’s Global Blockchain Summit, one of the world’s top assembly of blockchain experts co-founded by John Carpenter and Hans Hultgren, will take place April 19-20 in Denver. During the Summit, global blockchain pundits will share knowledge, tips, trends and insights as others learn the history and basics of this emerging technology as well as its current and future applications.  The impact of blockchain on a range of spheres, such as the future of money, music, business, marketing, health records, car titles, certificates, company ownership, deeds, digital identities among others, will be explored at the event as over 50 speakers take the stage.

Among significant announcements that will be made during the Summit, central will be the U.S. launch of Global Women in Blockchain (GWB), a global ecosystem of partnerships of women dedicated to blockchain innovation, education and adoption. The U.S. launch will be captured live, the footage from which will go into an upcoming documentary focused on GWB not only as an organization but also as an exponentially growing social movement.

Founded by Nina Nichols (Resolution Research, ClueChain LLC), GWB received an enthusiastic reception at the Global Leaders Forum in Seoul, South Korea, when Mila Popovich, Global Chair, launched its Asian participation during Women’s History Month, at the invitation of the honorable Dr. Youngsook Park. The Global Leaders Summit, held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is sponsored and organized by TV Chosun and attracted over 500 attendees of the highest-ranking Korean audience for the GWB launch.  Dr. Park, a well-known futurist, GWB global advisor, chair of GWB Korea and co-chair of the Global Blockchain and AI Councils, will be hosted in Denver at the Summit.

A core focus of this year’s Global Blockchain Summit is on diversity, equality and women in blockchain, complementing what seems to be the foremost trend of women’s empowerment in the world. Carolina Abenante, Founder of NYIAX, Pamela Norton, Founder and CEO of Borsetta, Youngsook Park, Co-Chair of the Global ICO Association and Emily, CMO of ShapeShift AG are among the prominent women that will take the stage.

The Summit will feature some of the world’s most notable blockchain and distributed ledger experts as well as leading blockchain companies including some notable speakers from the state of Colorado, including:


The Summit is sponsored, in part, by Husch Blackwell, Colorado Blockchain Capital, VMware, DASH, IEEE, Digipharm and dozens more. Media partners include BlastPR, a full-service public relations and marketing services firm present in all major markets; Ethical Markets Media, an independent media company promoting the emergence of a sustainable, green, more ethical and just economy worldwide; and Cast Influence’s InfluenceNow Podcast, who will be interviewing speakers leading up to and during the Summit.

“Our world is being revolutionized by blockchain and related technologies,” said Global Blockchain Summit co-founder, John Carpenter. “This annual assembly of blockchain experts reconnects those that are applying blockchain to drive a better future in the sectors they lead and are transforming. More than ever, those changemakers include numerous women.”

“Indeed, women are, as in all other aspects of our culture, a driving force in blockchain,“ said Global Women in Blockchain founder, Nina Nichols. “So much so that our organization was built to serve as the welcoming global destination and convening space for all who want to share, learn and expand our women’s leadership and blockchain impact. We’ll be sharing much more about the Global Women in Blockchain initiative at the summit and couldn’t be more excited that the organizers have invited us to launch it at the event.”

Overall, several hundred blockchain innovators, experts and students are expected to attend this year’s event. Attendees come from as near as Denver and as far away as South Korea. 

About Global Blockchain Summit
Global Blockchain Summit is a gathering of experts from around the world sharing knowledge and insights about Blockchain, the breakthrough technology that is poised to change how everyone interacts in the global economy. Vastly beyond cryptocurrencies and ICOs, the underlying distributed ledger technology can support initiatives that enable people to take more direct control of their identity, assets, accounts, and interactions with others. The Global Blockchain Summit is a conference structured in a way that supports meaningful interactions between speakers, experts, participants and entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @gblockchain1.

About Global Women in Blockchain

Global Women in Blockchain is the first international umbrella organization designed to activate and accelerate the powerful partnerships of women to lead in the education, development, and promotion of blockchain technologies. #TheTimeisNow. Join The Empowerment Revolution for the evolution of women @ or contact us at       Join us at the Summit and get ~ 40% off using code GWB!

Summit Details: Thursday April 19, 2018 – Friday, April 20, 2018

The Summit Conference and Event Center

411 Sable Blvd. N. Aurora, CO 80011

Tickets to Global Blockchain Summit are $799 for both days and $499 for one day. Students and government officials can purchase two day passes for $499 total. Attendance is limited to 400 people. To register and receive almost 40% off, use code GWB and go to Enter code PR. For sponsorship information or questions regarding this press release, please contact

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