Global Women in Blockchain: Get Connected with our Community of Women Blockchain Enthusiasts

Global Women in Blockchain: Get Connected with our Community of Women Blockchain Enthusiasts

By Lisa Borosh, Global Women in Blockchain Associate

Global Women in Blockchain (GWB) is the hub for women blockchain enthusiasts. As the first international umbrella organization with an emphasis on women empowerment and the ever growing blockchain movement, GWB is designed to activate and accelerate the powerful partnerships of women to lead in the education, development and promotion of blockchain technologies. Our mission is to bring all resources for women under one umbrella to change the world. Our social enterprise aims to foster much-needed diversity into tech by empowering women through shared business connections and exchanges, association, meet-ups, virtual town halls, learning events and more.

We want you to be a part of the GWB community. There are a lot of problems in the world to solve and we need more diversity to solve them. We all know that diversity of thought and leadership promotes progress. Diversity equals innovation. Now here’s the problem, women continue to be under-represented in high earning STEM fields. If we look at the tech world, it’s clear – we’re failing. GWB wants to change the face of tech and we’re starting with blockchain. Our non profit plans to support women in technical fields. We connect, inspire and guide women in blockchain. Our programs will help women grow, learn and develop to their highest potential. Join hundreds of women around the globe and help us move the numbers.

GWB exists to empower women through blockchain technologies by:

  • Organizing and sustaining a community of women dedicated to advancing blockchain technologies.
  • Offering strategic and informed program initiatives and educational resources that foster an inclusive learning environment.
  • Creating an atmosphere of collaboration that stimulates and supports innovation within the space.

Join Us! Sign up for membership to our global, powerful organization:

Why now? Our female consciousness has spoken. We must own our place in this world and in this world-changing technology. #TheTimeIsNow

Why Blockchain? Because there is one shared, transparent, version of the truth.

Why Join? Because we are #StrongerTogether. Step forward with us to build the new world of inclusion, equity and equality.

Engage with us on social media for current awareness on all aspects of blockchain:

Twitter: SMS: text GWB to 888-999
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In the coming months, our website will evolve to fully serve our members. GWB will have every woman in our organization along with all the meetups/clubs/groups featured on our website. We are working to create chapters all around the world (we already have chapters in almost 20 countries). GWB aspires to have at least one female director per country to lead an ecosystem of trust, support, inclusion, conscious leadership and socio-economic advancement. Our goal is to have a one stop network of organizations and resources for women interested and vested in blockchain and other technologies.

Learn about global events relating to blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and other technologies on the GWB events page.  

GWB is not confined to a single location, but is a global ecosystem of the partnership of women.

If you are inspired to support GWB (USD or Crypto), please see our GWB donation page.

If you are interested in interning for GWB, please see our GWB internships page.

“Blockchain, making women in business mainstream.” – Nina Nichols, Founding Member of GWB and Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc.

#GlobalWomenInBlockchain #GWIB #TheTimeIsNow #StrongerTogether #YearoftheWoman #YearoftheGlobalWomeninBlockchain

Please reach out to with any questions.

  • Womenos
    Posted at 01:11h, 11 August Reply

    Our ability to connect with the non-blockchain community, including women, has been painfully slow because much of the terminology is overly technical and often used for multiple purposes causing significant confusion. In addition, most of the mainstream discussion has been centered around crypto-investing which has a predominately male audience. To engage more women, we need to shift these discussions from technical jargon and money making schemes to describe more real world use cases and social impact opportunities.

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